3d espressino


Nutella meets coffee!

A slight variation to the Antoccino or Piccolo Latte is the Espressino. Like the Antoccino it contains equal parts of espresso coffee to milk. Some versions of this recipe flavour the small macchiato glass and others a latte glass. However it begins with nutella smeared on the inner walls of the glass. Chocolate powder is then added to the bottom of the cup and then the espresso is extracted on top. Textured milk is then poured over the coffee just like a latte to the correct ratio or desired volume and finish again with chocolate dusting. 
The Nutella both displays prominently on the walls of the glass and delightfully melts into the beverage with its tastiness and the chocolate powder top and bottom contributes to its overall yummyness and provides a sweet way to change up the latte.
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