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An espresso, also known as a short black, is the most 
well-known base and the foundation of many beverages.

Beginning in order of volume the Ristretto is commonly known as a shortened espresso. Ristretto translates as narrow or limited in English. But think of ristretto as meaning a restricted extraction and it’s easier to remember. 

Also known as a Corto or short in English referring to the shortened espresso. The first part of any extraction is the most flavoursome and the subsequent coffee that follows is not as concentrated. 

The longer the extraction process goes on the less flavours are left in the coffee. A ristretto is basically only the good bits at the beginning restricting the secondary extraction and resulting in a more concentrated coffee. Others prefer the extraction to match the 25 seconds of the espresso but only result in the 20 mls / 0.75 ounces of coffee. The longer the water coffee contact time, the stronger the drink will taste.

15-22mls / 0.75oz of coffee from a single shot basket

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