3D Flat White

Flat White

The main characteristic which remains a constant is the opinion that the Flat White has a thin layer of microfoam foam in contrast to the vast amounts of froth found in a Cappuccino

Also originating in Australia, the Flat White emerged in the 80s and provided an alternative to the frothy cappuccino. The drink has since migrated to the UK and the USA featuring in all the major franchises. The strength for standard practice varies between a single espresso, double ristretto or double espresso. A similar level of foam, in some countries may also be called a Wet Cappuccino which essentially states less froth. 

The flat white help cater for Latte Art becoming so prominent in the coffee scene due to the barista needing the skills to be able to produce silky textured micro-foam needed to draw in the coffee.  The lines can be blurred between Flat White, Latte and Cappuccino depending on the country it is ordered in and the preference of the consume but generally the difference between the three is considered to be the amount of froth on top the beverage.

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