Steve Jackson


Coffee Ninja

This website is an online barista hub featuring an online barista course helping people master their coffees. The course features over 90 minutes of videos, 80 pages of supporting documentation and an Amazon Published book with 3D visual graphics helping translate the method behind the art. None of which include any outsourced work. 

Ballers Blockchain – NBA Top Shot

Many in the NFT space know me for Ballers Blockchain on YouTube. This channel is a fun platform to help users understand and make decisions around drops, challenges, buying/selling and features interviews with personalities from the community. 

It has been extremely well received and developed a reputation as the highest quality production in the NFT YouTube space. In its short history at one point it was exceeding Top Shots view count and is still steadily growing and helping simplify blockchain technology to mainstream audiences.  

Trophy Stadium

Trophy Stadium was a concept to use 3D technology to develop sports memorabilia that cannot be seen in real life. This image shows Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home ground as it was in 1910 when it was built. On the pitch is every league trophy they have won during their prosperous history. 

This was an example of my sporting passion being translated into fandom and memorabilia. Years later, I now believe this would be better served as an NFT!

Current Work

I currently work in Marketing and Communications for a social enterprise bank. The role requires me to develop marketing strategies and campaigns as well as deliver content through all mediums including social media and conduct internal communication pieces. 

My goal role is to work full time in the NFT/sporting area as it combines my passion for technology and sport. 

Other Skills

  • Social Media best practices
  • Digital Media Analytics
  • Advanced Adobe Creative Suite skills
  • Videography & Editing 
  • Photography & Colour Grading
  • Problem Solving & Common Sense
  • Psychological behaviour drivers
  • Sports knowledge and fandom
  • Funnest Dad in the world