3d iced latte

Iced Latte

There are quite a few variations and recipes of cold, or iced, coffees. Sometimes the same name can mean completely different drinks from place to place sometimes in the same town. For the sake of clarity we have separated iced coffee from one iced latte. The iced latte is obviously the cold version of the latte containing espresso and milk, but not steamed milk. 

Generally prepared with a double espresso on top of ice with cold milk filling the glass to the top. As the ice dilutes the coffee double espressos are often standard opposed to a single espresso.  Add flavoured syrup to create an iced mocha or iced caramel latte.


Iced cappuccino

The iced cappuccino is basically the same as the iced latte as the name suggests but with one obvious difference. On top the beverage is large layer of foam distinctive to the cappuccino. To create this foam the barista needs to steam foam and manually dollop the froth on top of the beverage. The heat of the foam can counteract the temperature of the iced drink but overall will remain a cold beverage.


Iced Americano

An Americano, or long black, we know involves hot water with a double espresso added to it. The ice Americano uses cold water in lieu of hot water making a similar cold version of the drink. Extract espresso coffee and pour over ice and fill with cold water.

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