3d mocha


Coffee & Chocolate, the amazing combination!

The Mocha, also known as Café Mocha or Mochaccino, is similar to a Cappuccino or café latte with the added element of chocolate. This can be done with a chocolate syrup or by texturing chocolate milk and added to the espresso. The drink is topped with either a foamy dome or whipped cream. Chocolate dusting or chocolate shavings can also be added for taste and appearance. 

White Mocha

A White Mocha has the same ingredients as a Mocha with espresso, hot chocolate and a foamy top. Instead of using regular dark or milk chocolate the white mocha employs white chocolate instead. 

Mocha Breve

The same as a Mocha with espresso and chocolate, only the textured milk portion is a half and half mixture of textured milk and cream. 

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