Cafe romano


The Romano uses a slice of lemon to sweeten an espresso. 

The Romano uses a slice of lemon to sweeten an espresso. Can be added to a short or long espresso and sometimes sugar is also added for the extra dimension. 

Lemon provides a great alternative to sugar to sweeten or reduce some of the natural strength of the coffee. For those looking to limit their intake of sugar, the Romano is a must try. 

The practice of using lemon in coffee become common since the 1950’s. This was most likely done to improve the coffee which most likely was not up to the same quality as today’s espresso. 

Similarly the Guillermo does the same only with a slice of lime. Another variation is the Café del tiempo, meaning coffee time in English, where an espresso is served in one cup with ice and slice of lemon in separate glass. Popular as a summer time beverage.

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