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Triple Espresso

A Triple Espresso (or Triplo) is mainly in used as a base to large milk coffees. 

Drinking this straight will definitely help you to wake up in the morning without drinking a mass amount of milk but may be very intense on the palate. Generally has its own triple shot, 21 gram basket, which can carry more coffee. 

This allows us to produce 90 mls of espresso to the same degree of concentration. Although a Lungo will also have 90mls of coffee, the yield of a lungo is different to that of the espresso. The lungo is considered a longer brewed coffee elongated to the 90 mls / 3 ounces total rather than tripling an espresso in both dry grounds and resulting volume. 

A double espresso is extracted from a larger dose than an espresso to create the extra volume but with the same taste. 

A double basket produces a 60ml / 2 ounce shot of espresso. Commonly also used to make two coffees, or espressos, at the same time as well as a strong or large beverage. 

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